It is a great time to PARTY - We can help you with any occasion....

Please excuse our website as we make some party changes. I started my small business in 2007 and have enjoyed numerous celebrations with people from all over the Delaware Valley and Central & Southern New Jersey. Operating a small business can be quite challenging at times, you are always on call and working from home adds another twist. I love love love parties and spending time with children, combining these two is my passion and I want to share this gift.
I've been absent for a while and apologize to those who did not receive email/phone responses. In early 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and took time off from my business to fight to be healthy, it's been a longggg year. Today I'm happy to say I'm on the road to good health and ready to PARTY! I will be making some changes to my business as I move forward. Thank you to my past clients and I look forward to meeting some new clients.






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